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Connect a M410 Modbus Adapter

Last Updated: July 27th, 2020
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Prepare your MHM4 or CT100, X-Cable, and M410 Antenna. Remove the items from the original packaging and ensure they are clean, free from damage and ready to assemble.

1. Unpackage your M410 Modbus Adapter

2. Remove the blue dust cap from the pre-configured port on your MHM4 or CT Device. See device-specific documentation for more details but generally Port 2.

3. Connect one end of your X-Cable to your MHM/CT device. The connector will only go one way, so be sure to line up the white dots. Push the connector into the socket firmly and tighten the dust cap.

4. Remove the blue dust cap from the M410 Modbus Adapter.

5. Connect the other end of the X-Cable to the M410 Modbus Adapter. Make sure to line up the white dots as explained above.

6. Remove the Modbus Adapter Top Lid, insert the Modbus Wires through the Cable Gland and connect the 2 Modbus Wires to the Corresponding + and – Connectors.

7. Re-Install the top of the M410 Modbus Adapter and tighten the Cable Gland.