Change TTN Frequency

Change TTN Frequency

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Changing your TTN frequency is as easy as uploading a new file to the AlphaX device. If you have ever used Dropbox or Google Drive it’s a similar process.

1. Start by downloading an FTP program (if you don’t already have one). We recommend FileZilla because it works well and is free.

2. Turn on your device and connect to your device network. The Network will be AlphaX-MHM4-xxxx where is xxxx is the last 4 digits of the serial code of the device.

3. Set up a FileZilla FTP connection. Click the Site Manager button in the top right of the FileZilla window and click new. Enter the details as shown below and click connect. The username is micro and the password python

4. Download a copy of the firmware from

5. Open the local folder containing the firmware in FileZilla

6. Open the /flash folder in the remote (MHM4) side of Filezilla

7. Copy from the local folder into the remote folder on the MHM4. You may be asked to overwrite existing files. If prompted select yes.

8. If you receive a message in FileZilla saying to try again in 5 seconds due to failed connection attempt, press the collect button on the MHM device. It will reconnect and allow the firmware to upload successfully.