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Alphax Condition Monitoring System is your total solution for monitoring condition of key assets of your enterprise.


Total Condition Monitoring System

AlphaX Machine Health performs condition monitoring using wireless sensors.

AlphaX Condition Monitoring

An online condition monitoring system for managing performance and reliability across a variety of assets, classes, and systems. By combining live streams of your assets, plant, and even entire enterprise, AlphaX intelligently creates a digital twin of your operations which empowers real-time predictions of asset health and condition status, early warnings of potential failures, and highlights increased areas of risk.

Benefits of AlphaX Condition Monitoring System

Reduction in EH&S incidents
Increase in Equipment Availability
Reduction in Maintenance
Reduction in Inventory
Condition Monitoring System performs Vibration Analysis using wireless sensors.

Online Vibration Analysis

Monitor vibrations using X1 Sensors

AlphaX Vibration Analysis will intelligently detect and report conditions such as bearing fatigue, misalignment, looseness, and unbalance in real time. The condition monitoring system includes quick mount X1 vibration sensors with auto calibration and automated fault diagnostics powered by a machine learning algorithm to save cost and increase efficiency.

Pump Performance Monitoring

Tracking performance with the power of AI

Monitor centrifugal pump or fan performance. Self-calibrating pressure sensors will monitor and track the performance of your centrifugal equipment and detect faults such as cavitation and wear. Machine learning and AI-powered condition monitoring system will calculate the estimated life of the asset and provide analytics and reporting.

condition monitoring for various power equipment
Condition Monitoring System performs Current Analysis using wireless sensors.

Motor Current Analysis

Automated condition monitoring of current

Detect faults in induction motors. Quick mount X1 sensors will monitor the signature of your motor current and detect faults with winding, rotor and stator and other electrical disturbances. Algorithms will predict the life and determine the optimum time to replace your induction motors saving both downtime and money.

More IoT Platform Features

AlphaX Condition Monitoring FAQ’s

Condition Monitoring also known as Equipment or Machine Monitoring is a process of analysing the condition of your asset for instance Vibration, Temperature etc. in order to spot a necessary change which signifies an evolving fault. Online Condition Monitoring uses algorithms powered with machine learning to make the management easy and reliable through your browser. AlphaX Condition Monitoring system is an expert in this procedure.

We get that! That’s why we offer full SLA agreements with all purchases offering 99.9% uptime or greater, have a 24/7 support hotline and dedicated staff who are fanatical about support. If you want to learn more drop us a line, we are here to help.

Can do! We have developed a technology to make integration easy and available to thousands of 3rd party systems through a process known as (RPA) Robotic Process Automation. Even legacy systems without modern API’s can be integrated in minutes!

All AlphaX Systems come with AlphaX core. This allows AlphaX to connect to any IoT device and record it’s data (Yes 3rd Party devices are supported). Specific applications also come with modules to provide easier reporting, tracking and alarming based on unique characteristics. Talk to our support team for more information.

AlphaX Systems include all of the hardware you will need to get up and running quickly and easily. This includes sensors, gateways and any auxiliary equipment such as mounting brackets and hardware that may be needed. AlphaX systems are provided “Complete”.

Easy. You can get started with AlphaX by simply filling out this form and leaving your details. A member of our support team will reach out and organise a demo.

Sorry – No. Our hardware is provided as part of the AlphaX SaaS agreement and cannot be purchased separately.

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