Wireless Vibration Sensors – Our New Accelerometer Range

Industry shake-up: accelerometers with wireless vibration sensors

Noise and vibrations near a railway line, construction site or factory can be headache-inducing or just plain annoying to contend with on a daily basis. However, as any site manager would know, ground vibrations are carefully managed to adhere to standards (both Australian and international) that have been established to ensure adequate human comfort.

As a range of factors, such as tremor levels, the location and the time of day, affect our response to tremors, different statutory requirements for human comfort limits may apply.

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Wireless Vibration Sensors | Improve OEE with M innovation

Increase OEE with Industry 4.0 and wireless vibration sensors

Ask any site manager what their biggest pain point is and they’ll tell you it’s their equipment failing when they need it most. They are about to go into a process run when one of the machines breaks down but it’s not clear why.

They have a worker whose role it is to run around manually checking equipment performance but it’s pretty much impossible for them to predict every potential issue. The result? Unplanned maintenance – a massive waste of time and money.

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Wireless vibration sensors – your key to good data

Industry 4.0 – the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies – has vast benefits for large and small companies.

The ability to monitor assets in remote locations using Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices is a game changer.

The AlphaX Machine Health Monitor (MHM) is being used collect data from wireless vibration sensors at a mine in Malaysia.

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Predict failures with wireless vibration sensors

When driving through one of Eastlink’s 1.6-kilometre traffic tunnels, it’s difficult to imagine everything that is going on behind the scenes to keep all those vehicles moving smoothly and safely.

Each tunnel that forms part of this eastern Melbourne arterial has a ventilation plant at its exit and large fans to capture the air and the exhaust fumes it contains. The air is dispersed through 47-metre-high ventilation stacks.

Eastlink is successfully using our AlphaX Machine Health Monitor (MHM) and wireless vibration sensors to measure vibrations in its tunnels.

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