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Top 25 IoT Solution for Asia Pacific

APAC CIO Outlook Front page

APAC CIO Outlook IoT Special September 2017

M innovation’s technology suite named Top 25 IoT Solution for Asia Pacific

M innovation has been named in the current edition of APAC CIO Outlook as a “Top 25 IoT Solution Providers of 2017” citing AlphaX as the most advanced IoT engine ever imagined.

This listing sees M innovation featured alongside some of the most prominent names in the industrial IoT sector including Sigfox, Schnieder Electric, Cisco, among Others.

Click here for Interactive Magazine – M innovation is featured on pages 56-57

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Fully featured industrial IoT node in tiny form factor!

Smart now fits in the palm of your hand!

The breakthrough CT1-33 smart node packs more smart into a tiny form factor. Measuring just 5 x 5 x 3 cm small, and complete with onboard sensing and wireless connectivity, it’s our most compact device yet.

Designed to power Smart City, Smart Infrastructure and Smart Environmental projects, the CT1-33 IoT node is fully featured, enclosed in an all aluminium body, with stainless hardware and built in sensor it’s tough, to handle everything you can throw at it. The device provides direct connectivity to the internet, eliminating the need for routers and gateways and simplifying your entire IoT system.

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Lead Consultant returns to Minnovation

Tom Neudorfl back at Minnovation.


Welcome back to Minnovation Tom!

I’d like to welcome Tom Neudorfl back to the Minnovation team. Tom will lead consulting services across our data science and IoT business units. Tom’s role also includes improving our internal manufacturing processes.

Tom is a qualified engineer and consultant who has advised landmark projects on four continents. With an MBA and with 15+ years of business experience from entrepreneurial ventures to senior management roles, Tom provides guidance in Technology, Organisational Development, Marketing, and Business Strategy.

Known for his multi-disciplinary knowledge, clear communication style, and analytical skills, Tom understands the needs of technical-based companies, and how they can pursue business sustainability through innovation.

Tom joined the Minnovation team in 2013 and left in 2014 to pursue personal goals. During his time away from the company, Tom worked as an internal consultant to Minnovation and was key in setting up many of the systems that have been instrumental to our rapid growth.

I wish Tom all the best in his role with Minnovation.

Simon Maselli – Managing Director


Industrial IoT platform now in three flavours

Smart Industry & Now Smart Cities & Smart Environment

Untitled 1

Industrial IoT Platform now supporting Smart Cities and Smart Environment

Industry leading Industrial Internet of things (IoT) platform AlphaX now comes in three flavours.

  • AlphaX CT – For Smart Cities
  • AlphaX AG – For Smart Agriculture/Environment
  • And of Course the original AlphaX Industrial IoT platform for SMART industry.

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