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Wireless Vibration Sensors | Monitor Human Comfort With IoT

Automate human comfort monitoring with wireless vibration sensors.

Working on an offshore rig in the North Sea sounds pretty adventurous and arduous. There’s the isolation, the cold and stormy weather, and the cramped conditions. While the 12-hour shifts are long, the living and working environments in such remote locations have improved dramatically in recent years due to advances in technology.

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Wireless Vibration Sensors – Your Key to Good Data

Industry 4.0 – the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies – has vast benefits for large and small companies.

The ability to monitor assets in remote locations using Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices is a game changer.

The AlphaX Machine Health Monitor (MHM) is being used collect data from wireless vibration sensors at a mine in Malaysia.

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Predict Failures with Wireless Vibration Sensors

When driving through one of Eastlink’s 1.6-kilometre traffic tunnels, it’s difficult to imagine everything that is going on behind the scenes to keep all those vehicles moving smoothly and safely.

Each tunnel that forms part of this eastern Melbourne arterial has a ventilation plant at its exit and large fans to capture the air and the exhaust fumes it contains. The air is dispersed through 47-metre-high ventilation stacks.

Eastlink is successfully using our AlphaX Machine Health Monitor (MHM) and wireless vibration sensors to measure vibrations in its tunnels.

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MHM Gen II Released for Christmas

Monitor your plant and equipment from home this Christmas.

With the all new AlphaX MHM monitoring your plant and equipment, there are even more reasons to stay at home this holiday season.

The MHM monitors your plant and equipment, ensuring that operations are at peak efficiency and when things stop, the built-in AI kicks in, taking preventative actions to ensure the impact is minimized. It doesn’t need a break, doesn’t need penalty rates and doesn’t need constant supervision, the only thing you have to worry about is Christmas dinner. And if you really have to stay connected, just open the AlphaX app on your phone and check in. It really is that easy!

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