100 Million and Counting

M innovation reaches major milestone, 100 Million data points assessed and counting… M innovation has announced that on the 15-11-2017 at 04:18:06AM, the company surpassed 100 million data points. The data is a collection of simulation/predictive, asset performance, and streaming sensor information and are represented in large by our growing industrial and government [...]

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M innovation’s Technology Suite Named in Top 25 IoT Solutions

M innovation has been named in the current edition of APAC CIO Outlook as a “Top 25 IoT Solution Providers of 2017” citing AlphaX as the most advanced IoT engine ever imagined. This listing sees M innovation featured alongside some of the most prominent names in the industrial IoT sector including Sigfox, Schnieder Electric [...]

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Melbourne Leads the Smart Cities Charge

Melbourne is leading the charge for smart cities across Australia. This places Melbourne as the highest placed Australian city in the global smart rankings. Michelle Fitzgerald, Chief Digital Officer from the City of Melbourne recently spoke to Hamish Fitzsimmons on ABC’s Lateline program about how she is using data to shape [...]

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Are You Ready for Data Science?

Data science is big business. It’s about leveraging a company’s data to optimise operations or profitability. It’s putting the big into big data and providing insight into operations that only years before seemed like something that was out of science fiction. Promises of predictive technologies that can see into the [...]

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Budgeting for IoT “Smart” Projects

Why go online? Industrial (internet of things) IoT projects, for providing hands-on visibility and control capabilities for remote equipment, require a larger initial investment than portable or localised monitoring solutions. The advantage is obviously the 24 / 7, anywhere, anytime, control that cannot be matched. Governments, farms, factories and other [...]

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