Redefining Building Management Systems with IoT and cloud-based monitoring

One of the many techniques employed by the industry to improve the reliability of assets in the industry is the building management system. It has one aspect of the asset performance management industry that has made it possible for building owners and managers to monitor and cut down the costs of operating their assets and [...]

X-Mesh for IoT Automation!

X-Mesh is the IoT Network that can Adapt and Heal Itself X-Mesh uses Machine Learning and AI principles to provide an efficient way of connecting IoT devices in a network. X-Mesh essentially makes gateways redundant by decetralising the network's architecture. X-mesh is unique in the way it creates, adapts and repairs itself. This is [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Automation Systems

We are heading towards the era of automated technology where from aeroplanes to cars to industrial machines, everything is becoming automatic using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. The manufacturing industry is now realising the potential of Industrial Automation and you can see more and more robots and automated machines are handling complex tasks [...]

Asset Performance Monitoring is the Future of Buildings

Intelligent Building Monitoring System (BMS) is not a future technology but a crucial component to any commercial building and data centre facility. It allows for centralised, smart and online management of critical infrastructure equipment and ensures operations are being run securely and efficiently. Continuous Monitoring is the advanced form of BMS where asset performance variables [...]