AlphaX Total Automation and Control

See, Control, and Analyze Your Data, All in One Place

AlphaX Automation provides online automation and control for your machines.

Just like SCADA without the Price-tag

AlphaX provides all of the power of industrial SCADA, minus the cost and comes complete, without the added complexity of other multi-vendor IoT solutions. AlphaX is a total monitoring, logging, alarming and control platform for easily creating smart automation applications. Enterprise ready Systems include award winning hardware, software and support. Intuitive interfaces allow you to build any smart application from connecting remote PLC’s to edge processing of mission critical data.

Benefits of AlphaX Automation

Increased Productivity
Cost Reduction
Higher Flexibility
Risk and Manual Error Reduction
AlphaX Automation provides online automation and control for your machines.

Automation Anywhere

See and control your processes from anywhere.

AlphaX automation gives you the power of web based development where you can quickly see the status of your machine, monitor multiple data points and to start and stop processes with a single click; All in real-time through your browser window with the help of the AlphaX Cloud platform.

Connect to any PLC

Easy to connect and operate your processes.

AlphaX is equipped so it can easily interface with other programmable logic controllers (PLC). It has the built in drivers that are required for Modbus, RS485, CAN-bus and more, so can easily connect to virtually any kind of industrial device.

AlphaX Automation helps you connect to any PLC which makes it easy to operate your processes.
AlphaX Automation helps you turn any screen into a Human Machine Interface HMI.

Turn any screen into HMI

And control it from anywhere anytime.

AlphaX works on any version of Windows, MacOS, Linux and more, so you can convert any browser window into a fully capable human machine interface controller. The cloud based platform provides you with connectivity wherever you are, meaning you can control anything, anytime.

Analyse Historical Data

Improve your decision making by analysing previous data.

AlphaX platform can easily connect with the database to provide you with visualisation of helpful insights and historical data for better analysis and decision making. Real-time data collection improves the automation procedure for the machine and increases the productivity by efficiently controlling the equipments.

AlphaX Automation helps you analyse your historical data for better control and decision making.

More IoT Platform Features

Automation FAQs

We get that! That’s why we offer full SLA agreements with all purchases offering 99.9% uptime or greater, have a 24/7 support hotline and dedicated staff who are fanatical about support. If you want to learn more drop us a line, we are here to help.

Can do! We have developed a technology to make integration easy and available to thousands of 3rd party systems through a process known as (RPA) Robotic Process Automation. Even legacy systems without modern API’s can be integrated in minutes!

All AlphaX Systems come with AlphaX core. This allows AlphaX to connect to any IoT device and record it’s data (Yes 3rd Party devices are supported). Specific applications also come with modules to provide easier reporting, tracking and alarming based on unique characteristics. Talk to our support team for more information.

AlphaX Systems include all of the hardware you will need to get up and running quickly and easily. This includes sensors, gateways and any auxiliary equipment such as mounting brackets and hardware that may be needed. AlphaX systems are provided “Complete”.

Easy. You can get started with AlphaX by simply filling out this form and leaving your details. A member of our support team will reach out and organise a demo.

Sorry – No. Our hardware is provided as part of the AlphaX SaaS agreement and cannot be purchased separately.